Parking Lot Solar Lights Are the Best Choice and Here’s Why


Parking Lot Solar LightsSolar energy is pretty cool. The Sun sends a vast amount of energy daily, and weÔÇÖre wasting it. It is only relatively lately that we have decided to harvest this inexhaustible source of energy, through solar panels.

These neat little devices have a multitude of uses, from miniature home power plants to heating devices to more industrial uses, such as solar water pumping and solar street lighting. It is the last use that will be further discussed here.

It is possible to have street lamps which are completely independent from an outside source of energy, just by using the SunÔÇÖs rays. And in sunny California, this seems like a great idea. In order to spread the awareness of this ingenious design, letÔÇÖs take a look at some of the benefits of solar lighting on the example of parking lots.

The key reason why parking lots are used is simply because there are lots of them. People drive pretty much everywhere, so parking lots are a necessity everywhere.

Energy saving

It is ubiquitously accepted that we are spending a lot of energy. A large portion of that energy comes from thermal power plants that burn fossil fuels to produce this electricity. Anything we do to reduce our dependence on the mentioned power plants is a step in the right direction. A street lamp with its own solar panel, completely autonomous from the outside power source is an instant win. Not only does it not draw power from the grid, thus reducing your electricity bill, it does much more. The installation itself is drastically less costly, as connecting it to the existing power grid is unnecessary.

Financial aspect

As mentioned before, parking lot solar lights save you on the electricity bill over time. As a business owner, you need to make sure to cut any cost you can, without damaging your business. And your parking lot does need to be properly lighted. So, you are faced with a choice of paying once for installation and being done with this worry, and paying for installation and every subsequent electricity bill that goes with traditional parking lot lighting. The choice does seem obvious.

Carbon output

Our dependence on fossil fuels goes well beyond our gas-guzzlers. They comprise just about 25% of our greenhouse gases output. And that includes not just cars, but ships and jets (which have huge engines and probably spew a lot more noxious gases than cars). The biggest part of our greenhouse gas output comes from electricity production, with well over 30% of our CO2 emissions coming from this source. Cars get a bad rep, but it is the electricity production that really takes the cake here. You can do your share in reducing this huge percentage by simply reducing the amount of electricity you draw from the grid.

ItÔÇÖs always sunny in California

If you live in Orange County, or anywhere in southern California, you know this to be true. Completely or partly sunny days are so common in California, that many of its cities have over 250 days of sunshine per year. A better place for a sun-based technology cannot be imagined. And with Californians being notoriously pro-green and environmentally conscious, having a parking lot with solar lights is sure to put you in the favorable light with the spoilt-for-choice residents of the Golden State.

We will be there for you

Our experts in the field will provide you with the high quality advice every step of the way. We are able to vary the sizes of poles, the energy output and the distribution of the poles according to your needs. Furthermore, the technology used in our solar lights is superior to most currently on the market, so you know you will get good value for money. Contact us today for a free consult.