Solar Rooftop for Las Vegas Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay solarThe famous MGM Resorts’ hotel, Mandalay Bay, will soon be the home of the country’s second largest solar rooftop. The roof of the resort convention center should foster 10,000 solar panels which will generate 6.2 megawatts, enough to provide electricity to 1000 homes. The solar array should count for up to 20% of the hotel needs in electricity. The project is expected to be complete early 2014.

With this project, MGM Resorts International expect to set up a standard as roof top solar array are more and more affordable, even for small budget. The solar array project on Mandalay Bay convention hall rooftop should inspire business building owners as much as individuals.

Author: Annie K

Content Writer for Greenshine's Blog, I am French (pardon my English :) ) and I've always been interested in all the stakes Sustainable Development covers. Solar outdoor lighting can be part of the solution for one stake! Apart from that i like to read and to make my own organic hair care products among others. Want to know more about Greenshine? Visit us here: