Solar powered traffic lights for Lahore


In Lahore, Pakistan, the main crossroads are often victims of severe traffic jams. Due to power outages, traffic lights stop, creating a big mess in the most frequented street of the city. The city council decided to test 5 solar traffic lights on the biggest junctions of Lahore. By June 10th, five traffic lights will be converted to solar power.

Solar traffic lights

Officials from the city have great hope from this project and already think of converting all the other traffic lights of the city. Lahore has a great sun exposure all year long which is perfect for solar powered facilities. City engineers said they need more investors for this project and convinced the city council to open investment to private sponsors. Some raise their voice to highlight the fact that solar traffic lights as well as solar street lights should have been considered a long time ago.

Solar parking lot lightsSolar powered facilities are more and more envisaged, especially in southern countries which enjoy ┬áhigh level of sunshine exposure. Those countries often face power outages due to aging equipment, electricity overload, etc. Beyond the issue of solar powered lighting, energy is a main stake in developing countries. Electric power┬áprovides about a quarter of the world’s energy. It’s mainly produced from oil and coal, which are among the biggest┬áresponsible┬áfor greenhouse gas emissions. However, a significant proportion of electrical power comes from renewable sources: wind, solar, water. For developing countries, it remains a major challenge: 2 billion people in those countries don’t have access to electricity.

Author: Annie K

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