Solar Powered Classroom

Solar powered classroom

In every schools across the U.S, our children are happily showing off their science projects during science fair. And every year, they are more and more to present solar powered projects. This time the solar project was not meant for a science fair but a classroom project to power it with solar energy. In a school of Durham, North Carolina, a teacher came up with this idea and started a fund raising campaign with the children. The class of 4th graders had the opportunity to learn about several ways to produce energy, to distinguish those which can harm our planet and those which help protecting it. By the end they were all hands on with their teacher as well as their parents to bring this inspiring project to life. They received lots of attention from the U.S but also from oversea which allow them to gathered over $5,000. Take a look on the several steps leading to this beautiful project on this video.




Author: Annie K

Content Writer for Greenshine's Blog, I am French (pardon my English :) ) and I've always been interested in all the stakes Sustainable Development covers. Solar outdoor lighting can be part of the solution for one stake! Apart from that i like to read and to make my own organic hair care products among others. Want to know more about Greenshine? Visit us here: