Solar outdoor lights for an Elementary School in Marshall Islands

Solar outdoor lighting a Rairok Elementary SchoolWith 10 years experiences on Solar Outdoor Lighting, Greenshine New Energy Co., Ltd. had the opportunity to light up pathways, parcs and streets for thousands of people around the world, from individuals to Communities.

A month ago, the company had the pleasure to provide solar outdoor lights to Rairok Elementary School on Marshall Islands. Located on the Pacific Ocean, half of RairokÔÇÖs population is comprised of youngsters. The Marshall Islands enjoys a great sun exposure throughout the year. The country is full with perfect spot to set up solar street lights systems. However, electricity on the islands is mostly provided by diesel generators a highly polluting energy provider. Using diesel plants is not only polluting, it is also very expensive for communities. That is why Marshallese government grows more interested in Renewable Energy and is investing on those new energies. Thus solar power plant and solar home systems start to spread all over the island country.

Setting up solar street lights for the school playground seemed obvious. To ensure a safe place for children to play at night, the school chose to install nine Brighta 40 solar outdoor lighting. Recommended for lightning up pathways, streets or parcs, those solar powered street lights are also perfect to illuminate yards. With its underground battery, Brighta Serie is a secure street light option to set up in a school. It allows Rairok Elementary School to provide children with a safe environment and to save money from electricity bills. Design with CREE LED lamps, Brighta solar light provides higher brightness than incandescent lamps. The innovative technology of Brighta Serie includes a Smart Saving Energy Mode that produce different light intensity depending on the time of the day and the circumstance. The Saving Mode system provides street lamps up to 6 days autonomy.

GreenshineÔÇÖs Solar Outdoor Lighting solutions work on innovative technology to provide Communities with great quality solar street lights for competitive prices and free of maintenance.

Author: Annie K

Content Writer for Greenshine's Blog, I am French (pardon my English :) ) and I've always been interested in all the stakes Sustainable Development covers. Solar outdoor lighting can be part of the solution for one stake! Apart from that i like to read and to make my own organic hair care products among others. Want to know more about Greenshine? Visit us here: