Solar Outdoor Lighting trends for your yard

Solar Outdoor Lighting

Solar Outdoor Lighting to light up summer night

Summer is hitting the country pretty soon and as every summer we love to hang out in our gardens to chill out with family and friends over a barbecue for example! To light up our nights outdoor, we do need to equip properly our green space with outdoor lighting.Why not Solar Outdoor Lighting?

Solar Garden Lighting: Trendy, Economical and Eco-friendly

Every summer, your electricity bills are going up, especially because of your air-conditioners turned on almost all day long. When you have a small budget, every dollar is important. Summertime, you want to hang out in your outdoor space and, to do so, you need garden lights to illuminate your yard during the night.┬áSolar lighting is the perfect solution for you. Charging up during daytime thanks to summer’s high degree of insulation, your solar garden light will be efficient for the night. It will provide you with a soft light thanks to its LED light. Greenshine provides customized and cost-effective solar lawn lights to light up your garden. The solar panel on top ensure to receive as much solar lights the battery needs. With minimalist yet trendy design, you can be sure your solar outdoor lights will blend ┬áperfectly in your garden.

Solar Outdoor Lighting

As proved in the image beside, solar garden lights provide a soft glow, enough to illuminate your pathways or yard. The LED light ensure such a good quality and durability. It provides about two times the brightness of a HPS lamp and about 6 times the brightness of incandescent lamp. Moreover, setting up a solar outdoor light is easier than to set up on-grid lights. No need to dig up trenches anymore! Easy to monitor and to maintain, solar lawn lights are definitely the most effective way to light up your garden!

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Author: Annie K

Content Writer for Greenshine's Blog, I am French (pardon my English :) ) and I've always been interested in all the stakes Sustainable Development covers. Solar outdoor lighting can be part of the solution for one stake! Apart from that i like to read and to make my own organic hair care products among others. Want to know more about Greenshine? Visit us here: