How solar option got more available to everyone

Commercial Solar LightsLong gone are the days when your only lighting option was the electrical grid and the incandescent light bulbs. The advances in both light and energy technology have made it much easier to pick and choose the options which suit you best.

One thing which California has in abundance is sun. So it is only natural that we would attempt to use as much of this energy as possible. That is why Greenshine New Energy is focused on delivering a comprehensive and simple solar option to the public. Commercial solar lights are a trend, and they have been for a while now. When you weigh the benefits, it is easy to understand why. LED lights used in the commercial solar lights offered by Greenshine New Energy are extremely durable and energy efficient. Combined with their own individual sources of solar energy, they make a hard-to-beat combination of efficiency and cost cutting.

So, how did it all start?

Solar energy is a much older concept than you might think. IÔÇÖm not talking about the use of the sunÔÇÖs power to grow crops or anything similar. I am talking about the first solar powered machine. It was a kind of a steam engine. It used solar energy to heat and boil water inside a sealed glass container. Once the water boiled, the steam it produced could be used for mechanical work. It was made in France in the 19th century. The inventor even won the prize at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1878, for making ice by using solar power. Sadly, the prices of coal dropped at that time, and the interest in solar power died out.

The Revival

The idea of solar power waited for a century to re-emerge and be considered a viable source of energy. It was the energy crisis of 1970s that caused people to consider alternative sources of energy more carefully. Before that there were very few homes which used the technology. This energy crisis shifted the public opinion. Still, in its infancy, solar power (more specifically photovoltaic systems) was expensive. The interest was high until the oil prices dropped in the early 1980s.

Ecological issues

In the 1990s and onwards, the concern about the climate change and the pollution caused by conventional energy sources (mostly fossil fuels) have brought the alternative energy sources back to the foreground of technological progress. Further advances in technology meant that photovoltaics had better functionality than other energy sources. This made them a solid investment option. WhatÔÇÖs more, some governments instituted feed-in tariffs, which favored the solar energy users and gave them priority on the electrical grid.

Current status

Since 2010, Europe has spearheaded the solar movement, with Germany at its helm. Since then, other countries and regions have contributed significantly, including the USA, China, Japan, Mexico, Israel and Chile. Overall, the countries with large-scale solar plants have contributed with 1% of all energy production of the world in 2015. That might sound insignificant, but just as far back as 2005 it was 0.01% of total energy production. A hundredfold increase in just 10 years sounds encouraging. The re-awakening to the awesome power of the sun can no longer be halted.

If you are looking to contribute to this trend, to help both yourself and our struggling planet, consider installing commercial solar lights at your workplace or at home. The technologies of today make it a sound investment. Greenshine New Energy specializes in commercial solar lights, whether it is for parking lots, streets or any other uses you might need. Contact Greenshine to find out more about the wide variety of products on offer.