Smart Solutions for Street Lighting: Commercial Solar Street Lights

commercial solar street lightsStreet lighting is, without a doubt, beneficial to all of us. It keeps us safe and comfortable during the dark hours of the day. However, street lighting systems can put serious issues in front of a society, considering a number of aspects such as energy consumption and maintenance. With commercial solar street lights, itÔÇÖs possible to overcome these obstacles.

Smart infrastructure

More and more cities and municipalities are investing in replacements of their legacy lighting system with LED technology. Conversion to solar street lighting has proven to be a smart investment.

The combination of solar system and LED lighting is particularly practical in remote areas. LED-based lighting systems can be installed without setting up any external infrastructure in a meager traditional way.

Solar power systems for street lighting

Off-grid solar systems are not connected to the utility grid and therefore, use zero power. Photovoltaic panels gather energy from the sun during the day and keep the battery bank charged. Batteries store the sunÔÇÖs energy so that it can be used by solar street lights at night.

Off-grid solar systems are best suited for regions and countries where there is no power grid or where connecting the street lights to the grid can be expensive. These systems should have no other maintenance costs but for battery replacements approximately every seven to ten years.

An on-grid solar system is a system that is connected to the utility power grid. The electric power grid functions as a battery, as well. The system stores energy into the grid and then takes it back during the night.

Therefore, there is no need for maintenance or battery replacements. Another advantage of this type of system is that the utility grid serves as a backup power source.

A hybrid solar system is a combination of the two above-mentioned systems. It uses batteries but can also feed excess energy into the electric power grid. Though these systems enable energy independence, they are more complex to install.

Commercial solar street lights: solution to street lighting problems

Visibility and safety. Commercial solar street lights can enlighten highways, streets, crossroads and squares and improve illumination quality. Uniform distribution of light contributes to better visibility and safety of drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. A well-lit street plays an important role in preventing accidents and robberies and therefore, improves the lifestyle of residents.

Energy consumption. Solar lighting is a solution to one of the burning issues today: high energy consumption. LEDs last twice as long as HID or HPS lamps and consume twice less energy. They can deliver energy savings of 65 percent and considerably cut street lighting costs. And energy is obtained from a clean energy source.

Maintenance. Every street lighting network owner regularly face maintenance issues like broken lamps that need replacement and repair. By installing solar street lights, operational and maintenance costs are reduced and the repair delays decreased.

Best solar street lighting to illuminate streets

Smart street lights are just a piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating a more energy efficient world. And a truly important one. Lighting accounts for 10 to 38 percent of the total energy consumption in a typical city worldwide.

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