Self-made Eco Village in New-Zealand


A group of 6 families decided to build their own village, but nothing like the regular one. They based their village on a sustainable scheme, self-sufficient in energy, in New Zealand. The Village also has a farm with cows to provide fresh and organic milk as well as small fields to provide vegetables to the community. Build to be sustainable as well as realistic, the village is an open community and several houses are ready to welcome new inhabitants.

The Eco Village is a great example for people interested in sustainable development as well as governments. A perfect synergy between life in the countryside and life in a modern city, all the inhabitants of the village are pleased by this lifestyle. Without being too radical, there is no urge to transform all cities in the world in Eco village. However, if every cities work on a minimum to achieve a sustainable state, our planet would be more than thankful.

Greenshine New Energy provides solar outdoor lighting for cities all around the world. That allows them to be more independent for all lighting facilities. Building a sustainable city can start with setting up solar street lights or solar parking lot lights!

Author: Annie K

Content Writer for Greenshine's Blog, I am French (pardon my English :) ) and I've always been interested in all the stakes Sustainable Development covers. Solar outdoor lighting can be part of the solution for one stake! Apart from that i like to read and to make my own organic hair care products among others. Want to know more about Greenshine? Visit us here: