Possible electricity shortage in Texas this summer

taffic houston - street lightsAs summer is almost there, the country prepared to face electricity demands peaks. South regions of the United States are particularly monitored.

According to the North American Electric Reliability Corp (NERC), a non-profit organization specialized in developing and applying power reliability standards in the country, Texas might encounter electricity shortage this summer. For few months, electricity providers have more and more difficulties to meet demands of electricity as it continue growing.┬áAs demand for nuclear energy is too important in Texas, California can also be affected by the electricity shortage. Government canÔÇÖt provide new power resources, especially during peak hours.┬áFor this reason, renewable energy should consider the use of renewable energy. In the southern states of the country, where electricity demand are the higher for summer time, wind energy in the desert or solar energy all over the cities can be set up.

Renewable energyNon-polluting energy can be used in a bigger proportion. Texas is the state with the biggest potential for solar energy as the state enjoys a great solar insolation throughout the year.┬áAs energy consumption is increasing every year, even TexasÔÇÖ resources of natural gas and oil will not be enough to supply the country forever.┬áTo decrease electricity bills as well as enjoying clean energy, more and more communities choose solar energy to provide their facilities with energy.

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Author: Annie K

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