US – China Solar Panel dispute to inspire UE

solar panelToday, discussion between the European Union and China resumed in Beijing. Gather high officials from all the concerned countries, every sides seem to aim for dialogue instead of the highly feared trade war after EU announcement on Chinese’s solar panel taxes few weeks ago. The ghost of a trade war between EU and China will be ineffective economically for both sides. Not long ago, the United State and China resolved their issue on the latter’s solar panels exportations to the US. The reasoning behind this argument should be an interesting case study for the European Union leaders. Continue reading “US – China Solar Panel dispute to inspire UE”

One more step towards Solar Energy in California


California is taking another step towards renewable energy and especially Solar Power, which is a highly recommend energy source for the sunny state. The California Public Utilities Commission plan a roll-up from this year to 2020 to increase the use of solar energy in the state. Utilities in California are asked to┬áinvest about $3 billion on power storage solutions to be able to store┬á1325 megawatts by 2020. By then, California is asking energy providers in the state to source one third of their energy from renewable sources: solar power, wind power… Yet to be approved, this rule will be open to public comments early as next months. The main goal is to further California energy mix by producing and stocking more power from renewable sources. Continue reading “One more step towards Solar Energy in California”

How to choose your Solar Power System

solar panel house

Solar Power System allows creating ÔÇ£greenÔÇØ energy thanks to solar panels on top of your roof for example. Solar energy is renewable and inexhaustible. It can also be converted into electricity using photovoltaic solar panels. The energy is then converted into kilowatt hours (kWh) and use to power your houseÔÇÖs electricity needs. The electricity produced can be stored and consumed locally, many batteries will be required in this case. Continue reading “How to choose your Solar Power System”

Solar Outdoor Lighting project winner of Google Global Impact Challenge

solar street lights

Last week, we reveal to you our favorite project on the Google Global Impact Challenge, The solar outdoor lighting project in Tanzania, from the non-profits SolarAid. On June 4th, Google announced the name of the 4 winners to receive the £500,000 prize and the NGO is among them!

The Charity aims to prevent the use of kerosene lamps in Africa. For this purpose, they are active in few countries on the continent and intent to expand further with time. With the Google Global Impact Prize, they will supply several household with 14,400 solar outdoor lights. Continue reading “Solar Outdoor Lighting project winner of Google Global Impact Challenge”

Solar Panel: European Union ÔÇô China Dispute

Solar light

On June 4th, European Union commissioner Karel de Gucht announced his decision on the Chinese solar panels Tax dispute. Regardless of Chinese Authorities mobilization to avoid those penalties, taxes will be institute on solar panel importation from China. For weeks, Beijing warned Brussels about the consequences of a vote in favor of the tax on Chinese solar panels to Europe.┬áEuropean Continue reading “Solar Panel: European Union ÔÇô China Dispute”

Solar Outdoor Lighting trends for your yard

Solar Outdoor Lighting

Solar Outdoor Lighting to light up summer night

Summer is hitting the country pretty soon and as every summer we love to hang out in our gardens to chill out with family and friends over a barbecue for example! To light up our nights outdoor, we do need to equip properly our green space with outdoor lighting.Why not Solar Outdoor Lighting?

Solar Garden Lighting: Trendy, Economical and Eco-friendly

Every summer, your electricity bills are going up, especially because of your air-conditioners turned on almost all day long. Continue reading “Solar Outdoor Lighting trends for your yard”

Last Day to Vote on Google Global Impact Challenge

Solar outdoor lighting

Today is your last chance to vote for your Top 4 favorites projects on Google Global Impact Challenge. This initiative will allow Google to support 4 non-profits organisations to launch and develop a project. Public’s vote will name the winner of ┬ú500,000 prize, which represents about┬á$758,000. Continue reading “Last Day to Vote on Google Global Impact Challenge”

Solar powered traffic lights for Lahore


In Lahore, Pakistan, the main crossroads are often victims of severe traffic jams. Due to power outages, traffic lights stop, creating a big mess in the most frequented street of the city. The city council decided to test 5 solar traffic lights on the biggest junctions of Lahore. By June 10th, five traffic lights will be converted to solar power. Continue reading “Solar powered traffic lights for Lahore”

Solar outdoor lights for an Elementary School in Marshall Islands

Solar outdoor lighting a Rairok Elementary SchoolWith 10 years experiences on Solar Outdoor Lighting, Greenshine New Energy Co., Ltd. had the opportunity to light up pathways, parcs and streets for thousands of people around the world, from individuals to Communities.

A month ago, the company had the pleasure to provide solar outdoor lights to Rairok Elementary School on Marshall Islands. Located on the Pacific Ocean, Continue reading “Solar outdoor lights for an Elementary School in Marshall Islands”

Possible electricity shortage in Texas this summer

taffic houston - street lightsAs summer is almost there, the country prepared to face electricity demands peaks. South regions of the United States are particularly monitored.

According to the North American Electric Reliability Corp (NERC), a non-profit organization specialized in developing and applying power reliability standards in the country, Continue reading “Possible electricity shortage in Texas this summer”