Key Elements for Optimizing Parking Lot Lights

parking lot lightsMany businesses are taking the plunge into solar energy. Even small investments in the application of solar power will save you on the electricity bill over time. Commercial lighting has advanced profoundly to yield considerable energy efficiency gains. Solar parking lot lights have proven to be a smart choice for a variety of reasons, especially in sun-kissed California.

Deciding in favor of the solar parking lots lights over the traditional ones is a major step, but not the only one. An important element can easily be overlooked: the safety and security that lighting provides. During their quest for the parking spot, most people donÔÇÖt pay much attention to the lighting, unless itÔÇÖs bad. A well-lit space helps both drivers and pedestrians feel safe and makes it easier for them to navigate.

There is no ultimate cookie-cutter approach. Parking lots and facilities come in different sizes and shapes and light requirements will depend on the location and use of the space. When it comes to the logistics, visibility and safety, there are many factors to consider. Here are the most important ones.

Light quality

Think of the ideal lumen output and the color temperature for your parking lot. LED parking lot lights emit a cooler color temperature suitable for car dealerships or banks, and they consume significantly less energy than traditional HID bulbs.

Light quantity

More light doesnÔÇÖt necessarily mean better illumination. Pay attention to the luminous intensity (candela), the quantity of light emitted by the light fixture illuminating a surface (illuminance), and lumen. The higher the lumen rating, the brighter the light bulb will appear.


Another important factor is the lighting uniformity. Though HPS lighting may give out more lumens than a solar LED luminaire, it has lower uniformity. Higher uniformity ratios allow us to perceive the environment continuously, with no contrast between bright and darker areas.

Too much contrast would make it harder to see vehicles and people in the darker areas. Also, the image on the security camera would contain ÔÇ£cool spotsÔÇØ and ÔÇ£hot (bright) spotsÔÇØ. One of the advantages of LEDs is that they are more directional, so they offer a much better uniformity and visibility. This helps drivers and pedestrians, as well as aids in viewing images on the security camera.

Design parameters

The location and size of the parking lot have a big impact on the parking lot lighting layout. If a parking lot is asymmetrical, it will require specific distribution of lighting fixtures. The growth of trees, adjoining building positions and other types of landscaping can also affect the outdoor lighting. ThereÔÇÖs a chance that a well-designed parking lot lighting system will become ineffective as trees grow to a point to block a large amount of light.

Distribution pattern

There are various distribution patterns of lighting fixtures. Each pattern provides a different lighting footprint on the ground. Type III is meant for parking lots and roadway lighting, where the larger amount of light is required. The footprint on the ground is approximately 2.75 times wider than the mounting height.

Customized parking lot lights

To make sure that you get a reliable and efficient solar system that meets your needs, consider customizing your parking lot lights. Greenshine New Energy, LLC. specializes in developing and manufacturing customized solar powered lighting systems like street lights, parking lot lights, garden lights, and lawn lights for outdoor applications. GreenshineÔÇÖs solar outdoor lighting solutions are a prime example of the top-notch quality and innovative technology.