New solar farm project in Texas

Solar farmTexas A&M University unveiled their solar farm project earlier this week. Worth $600 billion, the university project is announced as the biggest solar farm for research and development purpose. The farm will be able to generate 50 megawatts. Called “Center for Solar Energy“, the solar farm, installed in Bell County on 800 hectares, will also power up the university’s buildings as well as about 20,000 houses in the neighborhood and provide electricity to the nearby U.S Army base of Fort Hood.

The project will foster a hundreds of solar panels from a dozens of solar panels’ manufacturers. Texas A&M University’s head also expect to attract a hundreds of manufacturers with time and leverage a $500-$600 billion for a 5-6 years project.

By creating this solar cluster, companies and researchers will be able to converge their knowledge and speed up the pace of innovation in the solar industry. Solar projects can take 6 years until they are ready to test, with this solar farm the university and solar industry experts expect to take about 2 years until projects can be tested.

Author: Annie K

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