Installing Solar Parking Lights ÔÇô Making Preparations

preinst steps 2Installing solar parking lights is much easier than you think. Here youÔÇÖll find an outline of the whole process of preparation for it.

How big is the area that needs lighting?
Parking lots come in many sizes – from small residential ones to huge lots serving supermarkets, malls and office complexes. The size of the area and the present obstacles affect the number and position of solar lights. ItÔÇÖs best to have blueprints of the area or ground and aerial shots to be able to make the most informed decision on how many lights would the parking lot benefit from and what the best places for positioning are.

Is there existent utility electricity?
You wouldnÔÇÖt think so, but parking lots often spring up before anyone even thought of lighting and the relative convenience of bringing utility electricity to it. Some parking lots have problems with the wiring below the ground, but re-trenching and re-wiring would render the lot out of order for weeks. Solar parking lot LEDs help to avoid the costs of breaking up the ground, placing the wires or rerouting them and then redoing the foundation. Not only is it more economical, itÔÇÖs far quicker as well.

What are the needs and requirements for lighting?
How much lighting does your parking lot area need? Do you need the lights on throughout the night or do they need to comply with the dark sky ordinance? Questions about needs have to be sorted out in the very beginning, because suitable layout of the lights and their number will depend on the answers.

A variety of fixtures is available, with different light distribution and ratings for BUG (back/ uplight/ glare). Knowing how long the lights need to be on determines how much power is needed. There are options to keep the fixtures at maximum output when the lot is being used, and then dimming the light or turning it off when the areaÔÇÖs not normally used (especially when we are talking about office lots). These output plans can save remarkable amounts of energy. On the other hand, security reasons might make it more desirable to have the lights on at full intensity throughout the night.

What are all the options available?
Solar outdoor LEDs can greatly help with reducing the budget for lights installation and electricity bills and they make for a very quick and efficient installation. These advantages are fantastic for new building projects, existent parking lots without lighting and lots with dodgy wiring or electricity.

If grid connections are available, do you want your solar LEDs to be connected to it or not? Both options have their advantages. Grid-tied systems are double secure that youÔÇÖll never run out of electricity, but you will not completely eliminate the monthly bills. Going off-grid brings immediate budget boost, but there could be glitches with all-night lighting, if the batteries donÔÇÖt get fully charged during the day.

Shop around
When you have all the above information you should contact a choice of solar companies to get quotes. Shopping around will give you insight into what the differences between services and products are. DonÔÇÖt use cut-rate prices as the only criterion ÔÇô at least ask why they are so low. Do some research on companyÔÇÖs references and reviews before sealing the deal.

If you are considering installing solar parking lot lights, give Greenshine Solar Power a call. We are experts at providing customized solar outdoor lighting options that optimize your return on investment. Feel free to call us today to get a free quote and ask us any questions you might have about making a step toward more sustainable and efficient property management.