How to choose your Solar Power System

solar panel house

Solar Power System allows creating ÔÇ£greenÔÇØ energy thanks to solar panels on top of your roof for example. Solar energy is renewable and inexhaustible. It can also be converted into electricity using photovoltaic solar panels. The energy is then converted into kilowatt hours (kWh) and use to power your houseÔÇÖs electricity needs. The electricity produced can be stored and consumed locally, many batteries will be required in this case.

A solar panel has 4 main components:

  • The photovoltaic panel itself to install directly in a frame on the tiles or into the roof replacement coverage
  • Wires that carry electricity. They have an anti-UV treatment.
  • An inverter to convert the DC high performance current delivered by the low voltage panelsÔÇÖ alternating current. It should be as close to the panels as possible to limit losses.
  • The electricity meter to measure energy produced by the user.

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As you will need to choose a Solar Power System which fits the best to your home, it is very important to analyze every possibility. This is a very important step, as an efficient solar power panel system will allow saving a tremendous amount of money.

1.      What kind of solar panel should you choose?

To answer this question you will have first to analyze how you are currently using electricity.┬á Did you know that even if you turned off your electric appliances they still consume electricity? They will stay ÔÇ£activeÔÇØ unless you plug them out. Therefore, your electricity meter will keep on counting electricity needed for those domestic devices resulting in a higher electricity bill than what you should have paid for your real electricity consumption.┬áYou should then take a deeper look into your electricity bill to find out which device you use the most and the one that is the most energy-consuming. You can think about how to lower the consumption of energy for the most energy-intensive appliance.┬áThis will help you to choose the best solar power system for your power consumption.┬áThen you should decide whether or not it should cover the use of energy of your entire house or only a part of it.┬áAfter checking these points, you will be able to determine the most suitable for your need.

 2.      Roof inspection

After you checked your power consumption, you should analyze your roofÔÇÖs measurement to validate the type of solar panel you can install there. Because of your roof specific size, you should be careful on the solar panelÔÇÖs dimension and its output. Maximizing the space on your roof is decisive.

3.      Solar Panel installation

We still remember hurricane Sandy, and more recently the hurricane that brutally hit Oklahoma a month ago. Therefore, make sure that the roof, ground mounting or tracking system is engineer certified for the area you are in. For example, if you live in an area with high climate variability, the mounting system and mounting brackets also need to be sufficiently weather resistant.

4.      Solar Inverter Efficiency

The power inverter is a box installed between the panels and your appliances that converts the generated DC to AC, which is suitable for use in your home. Not all solar inverters are equal and their efficiency will have a direct impact on the payback time of your system. Look at the inverter efficiency before purchasing a system.

5.      Prices Benchmark

Price is always an important factor when you want to buy a product. Quality-price ratio is an important element to include in your equation.

6.      Warranty Length

Be careful of the solar panelÔÇÖs warranty length. 5 five seems to be a good length for solar panel as it will cover all short term issue you can have.

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