Germany to stop subsidising its solar industry

Solar GermanyOn July 8th, the German minister of Ecology Peter Altmaier announced that by 2018, at the latest, Germany will stop to subsidize its solar industry. Last year, he fixed a ceiling beyond which no more subsidies would be provided. This threshold ┬áof 52 gigawatts will likely be reached in 2017. For the moment, 34 gigawatts of solar panels have been installed in the country. With the subsidy, citizen can sell, with a guaranteed minimum price, energy produce by their solar panels.Thanks to this subsidy and solar panels’ low prices, mainly from China, Germany is among the most productive country in solar energy.

In a wider context, Germany had voted a plan to switch its energy sources from polluting to renewable energy. Renewable energy should represent 80% of Germany’s energy by 2050. However, the amount of energy┬á┬áthat the solar industry can produce in unstable and hard to forecast.

Germany’s renewable energy subsidy is mainly supported by the conventional electricity industry. Therefore, German electricity fees are among the highest in Europe.

Author: Annie K

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