End of the Cross-Country flight for the Solar Impulse

solar planeThe solar plane started its journey on May in San Francisco and had its final landing Saturday night at 11.09 pm in JFK airport, New York. Taking off at Dulles Airport in Washington DC at about 5 am, the Solar Impulse fled to New York City and was expected to pass around the Statue of Liberty. However, due to a tear on the left wing, it had to shorten its plan to 3 hours and directly go to JFK.

As the 2 airports that fostered the plane are among the largest and busiest in the country, the flight team were asked to take off very early in the morning and to land very late at night. The Solar Impulse already had a first try between Switzerland and Spain to Morocco. The next step is an around the world flight scheduled for 2015 with an improved version of the plane.

Author: Annie K

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