Encouraging numbers for Solar in California

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Not long ago, weÔÇÖve talked about this Californian project on solar (you can find the article ). The State is not in its first try to stimulate development of solar energy. In 2007, California launched its CSI (California Solar Initiative), a tax incentive to incite homeowners to install solar panels to provide electricity to their homes. Working on a cash back system, this incentive boosted sales of solar panels throughout the states for 6 years.

With a budget of $2,167billion between 2007 and 2016 the objectives was to generate about 2000mW of solar energy. However, now the rebates fund is almost empty and fear was people would stop going solar when the incentive was over. The State incentive was very effective to popularize solar energy. In the meantime, with solar panels price decreasing and gas price increasing, people are more disposed to change for the renewable energy solution.

Researcher from Greentechmedia reported that despite the upcoming end of the California Solar Initiative, solar panelsÔÇÖ installation in California kept on growing in the first quarter of 2013. It can be interpreted as a commitment from Californians as about one fifth of the population who installed solar panels on their houses in the first quarters of the year was from California. Among them, 18.5% didnÔÇÖt benefit from the CSI. However, this number should be shaded as they might have profit from other incentives from utilities companies or the federal government.

Generally, without rebates from the state, we should have seen a disinterest from homeowners for solar panels but the effect was not the one we expected. It happened even though installation costs are more expensive for residential property than for large scale project. The CalifornianÔÇÖs incentive still has some effect on the market; letÔÇÖs hope it is not going to fade away soon!

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Author: Annie K

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