High potential for Solar Energy in Colorado

denver, coloradoYesterday, the Environmental Colorado Research and Policy Center came up with several propositions to develop solar energy in the state. Colorado has a great solar energy potential with overs 300 days of sun per year but only produce 70 megawatts of solar energy per year. In comparison, New Jersey, which enjoys only about 200 sunny days per year generate 415 megawatts of solar energy per year according to the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA). Continue reading “High potential for Solar Energy in Colorado”

Feed in Traffic Program in Los Angeles

los angeles solar power

On June 27th, Los Angeles mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, and Clean LA Solar members announced the┬álaunch of the countryÔÇÖs largest Feed in traffic program. To comply with the state-mandate to produce about 33% of cities electricity through renewable energy by 2020, LA flips the switch.

With this project, Los Angeles Department of Power and Water customers will be able to sell electricity theyÔÇÖll generate through solar panels. LADWP will redistribute this electricity across the city. The goal is to generate 150 megawatts to the electric circuit of the city or at least to generate enough electricity to power up 30,000 houses in the city.

The announcement was made at the top of a North Hollywood building which is part of the project and can provide 142,000kilowatt/hour. Los Angeles gathered a network of a hundreds of buildings for the FiT program. It will allow the city to reduce its greenhouse gas pollution by 147 tons.  With about 300 days of sunshine a year, Los Angeles has a natural advantage for solar projects.

According to a study led by UCLA, this program will help the still small renewable energy market. It might create around 4300 jobs from maintenance to engineers or project managers.

More info on the FiT website.

Encouraging numbers for Solar in California

solar california

Not long ago, weÔÇÖve talked about this Californian project on solar (you can find the article ). The State is not in its first try to stimulate development of solar energy. In 2007, California launched its CSI (California Solar Initiative), a tax incentive to incite homeowners to install solar panels to provide electricity to their homes. Working on a cash back system, this incentive boosted sales of solar panels throughout the states for 6 years.

Continue reading “Encouraging numbers for Solar in California”

US – China Solar Panel dispute to inspire UE

solar panelToday, discussion between the European Union and China resumed in Beijing. Gather high officials from all the concerned countries, every sides seem to aim for dialogue instead of the highly feared trade war after EU announcement on Chinese’s solar panel taxes few weeks ago. The ghost of a trade war between EU and China will be ineffective economically for both sides. Not long ago, the United State and China resolved their issue on the latter’s solar panels exportations to the US. The reasoning behind this argument should be an interesting case study for the European Union leaders. Continue reading “US – China Solar Panel dispute to inspire UE”

One more step towards Solar Energy in California


California is taking another step towards renewable energy and especially Solar Power, which is a highly recommend energy source for the sunny state. The California Public Utilities Commission plan a roll-up from this year to 2020 to increase the use of solar energy in the state. Utilities in California are asked to┬áinvest about $3 billion on power storage solutions to be able to store┬á1325 megawatts by 2020. By then, California is asking energy providers in the state to source one third of their energy from renewable sources: solar power, wind power… Yet to be approved, this rule will be open to public comments early as next months. The main goal is to further California energy mix by producing and stocking more power from renewable sources. Continue reading “One more step towards Solar Energy in California”

Solar Panel: European Union ÔÇô China Dispute

Solar light

On June 4th, European Union commissioner Karel de Gucht announced his decision on the Chinese solar panels Tax dispute. Regardless of Chinese Authorities mobilization to avoid those penalties, taxes will be institute on solar panel importation from China. For weeks, Beijing warned Brussels about the consequences of a vote in favor of the tax on Chinese solar panels to Europe.┬áEuropean Continue reading “Solar Panel: European Union ÔÇô China Dispute”

Possible electricity shortage in Texas this summer

taffic houston - street lightsAs summer is almost there, the country prepared to face electricity demands peaks. South regions of the United States are particularly monitored.

According to the North American Electric Reliability Corp (NERC), a non-profit organization specialized in developing and applying power reliability standards in the country, Continue reading “Possible electricity shortage in Texas this summer”

Build your sustainable world with WWF

Green planet start with solar street lightsWWF Spain launches a great initiative with the game My Green Energy Planet in cooperation with AXA Foundation. Available on WWF Spain website, players have the opportunity not to fight zombies or thugs but pollution! Players have to take decision on how to stop polluting and generate energy while closely monitoring resources available and population welfare. Continue reading “Build your sustainable world with WWF”