Brilliant Ideas for Beautiful and Functional Solar Lighting

Pathway LightingSolar lighting is the new trend in this ever-changing world. There are so many benefits to having solar lighting and so few drawbacks that it makes you think ÔÇÿWhy havenÔÇÖt we done this years ago?ÔÇÖ

To be honest, the technology is improving drastically every year. It may not have been possible to do large-scale project before as we can do now. However, we are at the point when it is not only possible, but financially and ecologically viable to do. Below are just some of the examples of solar lighting.

Pathway lighting

Most nature lovers and health enthusiasts appreciate a well-lit street or park at night. However, installing and maintaining the lamp posts can be costly and exhausting work for the electrical company, or whichever entity is designated to manage it. Greenshine produces solar pathway lighting with durable LED lights that can not only outshine traditional lamp posts, but will cost nothing in the electricity bill of the district. These solar pathway lighting posts contain a solar panel, and are completely autonomous. To have a beautiful and durable light in your favorite park or street, ask your local officials to obtain these marvels of technology.

Bike lane lighting

Much like pathway lighting, bike lane lighting is mostly of interest to nature and health enthusiasts. However, it is maybe even more important to have strong and durable light on bike lanes. Cyclists move fast, so being able to see potential obstacles in time is paramount. Solar lighting collects sunlight during the day and uses the stored energy for lighting the pathway during the night.

Perimeter lighting

This one tends to be more oriented to the commercial, rather than community uses. Perimeter lighting uses powerful LED floodlights to illuminate the perimeter of a storage yard, for example. It is also not uncommon for correctional facilities to require these kinds of light fixtures. Military bases, both domestically and overseas also tend to need floodlights. And the advantage of solar-powered perimeter lighting is that even during a power outage, these units are independent of one another or any central grid, so they can resume functioning. It is also possible to use this kind of lighting for pathways and backyards of residential areas as well.

Landscape lighting

Landscape lighting is decorative mostly, but it still serves the function of illumination. There are several types of decorative lights. Bollard lights are mainly used for lighting pathways and gardens. They are those little autonomous lights you can see in the grass at night. Solar projector lights and solar washer lights are used for illuminating monuments or landscapes in parks. Projectors are small and rounded, but they have powerful beams that provide ample light to light the surrounding are. Similarly suited are washer lights. These are in the shape of a rod, similar to a standard neon light.

Parking lot lighting

Parking lots are all around us. If you drive at night, you know you want your parking lot to be properly lit. Greenshine offers amazing lighting posts which are completely powered by solar energy, with strong, durable LED lights that will not leave you wanting for more.

Sign lights

If you are a business owner, you know the importance of marketing. The sign of your business is innovative and amazing. But at night, you can make it look spectacular. Do not put neon signs; they are a thing of the past. Illuminate your sign with a flood of pure LED light. And if you think long-term, installing a solar powered light is the way to go. Once you have set up the light, you will have no more electricity expenses from it.

These are just some of the possible uses of solar power. If you have ideas to use solar lighting in your home/business/community, contact Greenshine for a free consult.