Who can benefit from installing solar lights?

Solar Outdoor Lighting Industrial Solar LightingThe best thing about solar energy is that it can help everyone. It is free for everyone, so after the initial cost of installing the infrastructure, there are very few costs down the line, in terms of maintenance and replacement. However, the monthly cost of this electricity is zero. All the power comes from the greatest source of energy available to us – the sun.

Lighting your home

The residential areas spend about 20% of the overall electricity on lighting. This is a staggering number. Installing a solar infrastructure in the house might seem unnecessary in the short run, but once you factor in the years and years of electricity youÔÇÖd be saving, it amounts to a lot. A single investment may bring about a drastically lower electricity bill for years. There are various government programs to help people transition from one power source to the other. This idea of solar power in the house is becoming more and more accepted as the technology improves the specs and decreases the prices.

Lighting your parking lot

Parking lots are necessary, with all those cars around. Pretty much everyone drives pretty much everywhere. Any respectable business will have a parking lot of their own. However, parking lots are not profitable. They end up costing your business a lot. You can curb that trend by installing solar parking lights. ItÔÇÖs simple. Every light post has its own photovoltaic panel on the top and a battery inside. The panel charges the battery during the day, and the battery powers the LEDs during the night. These lights are not attached to the power grid and will cost no extra money for electricity they use.

Industrial solar lighting

Commercial objects need to be lit as well. Large scale lights are needed to illuminate big facilities of factories or warehouses. In the end, this draws a significant amount of money when the electricity bill arrives at the end of the month. But it doesnÔÇÖt have to be like that. Industrial solar lights offer the same performances as conventional lights, with the added benefit of cutting the electricity cost permanently. Industrial complexes tend to work for many years and decades. This is the ideal place to invest in some industrial solar lighting. Powerful LED lights ensure that the visibility is not compromised, while the batteries included in these solar systems ensure that all solar energy is captured and stored to use when the sun goes down.

Security lights

Industrial complexes need to be protected when they are not working. To this end, many have security guards and perimeter lights. This is a sound investment; however, it does mean that you keep the lights on even when the factory is not productive. That ramps up the electrical bill. Solar power can again offer a cheaper alternative. Similarly to the previous entries, powerful LED lights are durable, offer great visibility and cost nothing in terms of electricity from the grid, once they have been installed.

Signs lighting

Another important aspect of industrial solar lighting is the illumination of the sign of the company. Advertising is king, as the saying goes. In order to boost recognition, most companies put up large signs of their logos or company names. During the night, however, these signs are nigh on invisible, unless illuminated somehow. Solar power can reduce the cost of brand recognition by illuminating your logo with the power of the sun itself.

There are plenty other solar lighting applications, both industrial and commercial. If you want to learn more, or you are interested in installing solar lighting systems at your own home or office, contact Greenshine today.