All about Solar Street Light

Street lightDefining Solar Street Light

Solar street lights are gradually replacing widely used traditional public street lights. They have a crystalline silicon solar battery to supply power, a maintenance-free controlled battery to store electricity, a ultra-bright LED lamps as light source. And they are controlled by a smart charging and discharging controller. Continue reading “All about Solar Street Light”

Solar’s future in Morocco

165814518165814518Morocco has no gas or oil gas resources on its territory. Therefore, the realm has to import about 90% of its electricity, totaling about one quarter of its overall importation. Buying energy from oversea is a huge investment for the country and Morocco is now turning to renewable energy to become self-sufficient in terms of energy. The country will soon produce its own energy, mainly through wind and solar facilities. Morocco’s goal is to produce about 20% of the country energy by 2020. Continue reading “Solar’s future in Morocco”

Los Angeles starts the second round of its FiT plan

Los Angeles lightsIn February, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) launched its Feed-in Tariff program that allows citizen, who generate between 30 megawatts to 3 gigawatts, to sell electricity produced by solar energy to the utility. The program encounter a great success as over 135 applications were sent for a 115 megawatts of solar power capacity. The LADWP offered 17cents/kwh for this Feed-in Tariff plan. For the secon round, the price is now 16cents/kwh and professionals already forecast high success of the program. This time, the city will sign an up to 20 years contract for interesting projects.

Los Angeles is working to reduce the use of coal-fueled plant to produce energy. Previous Los Angeles Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, said the city will stop using this highly polluting plants to produce electricity by 2020.


Germany to stop subsidising its solar industry

Solar GermanyOn July 8th, the German minister of Ecology Peter Altmaier announced that by 2018, at the latest, Germany will stop to subsidize its solar industry. Last year, he fixed a ceiling beyond which no more subsidies would be provided. This threshold  of 52 gigawatts will likely be reached in 2017. For the moment, 34 gigawatts of solar panels have been installed in the country. Continue reading “Germany to stop subsidising its solar industry”

Solar cells revolution

Solar cellsAll over the world, researchers are working and testing to make solar cells more efficient. Today, solar cells’ conversion rate is around 15 – 20%. On the most effective solar panel it can go up to 30%. MIT researchers are working in an other direction. They have been working on nanometer technology to create the thinnest solar cell in the world which only has a 1 – 2% conversion rate. Continue reading “Solar cells revolution”

End of the Cross-Country flight for the Solar Impulse

solar planeThe solar plane started its journey on May in San Francisco and had its final landing Saturday night at 11.09 pm in JFK airport, New York. Taking off at Dulles Airport in Washington DC at about 5 am, the Solar Impulse fled to New York City and was expected to pass around the Statue of Liberty. However, due to a tear on the left wing, it had to shorten its plan to 3 hours and directly go to JFK. Continue reading “End of the Cross-Country flight for the Solar Impulse”

Solar panel and education

158308745A 16-week training program on solar panel has been created by Houston Community College. The program, to be started next month, will offer student with courses about physics on solar ray, solar cells and all important scientific aspect about solar panel, as well as courses on installation and maintenance of solar panels. At the end of the program, student can be rewarded by a certificate. Continue reading “Solar panel and education”