A greener Empire State Building

Empire State BuildingThe famous Empire State Building enjoyed a special “green” lifting. As part of the┬áClinton Global Initiative, the Empire State Building Retrofit program is almost completed.The main goals were to decrease the cost of electricity as well as decrease CO2 pollution from the building and increase the real estate value of the building.

All the building infrastructure as well as the entire common area of the building had been renovated to be more energy efficient: all the 6514 windows had been replace more resistant and better isolated ones, all the lights in the building had been switch to LEDs, the 68 elevators of the building are now 30% more energy efficient and can re-inject the energy surplus in the grid. Moreover, the Empire State Building has now a management system focus on  energy efficiency. Thanks to all those changes, the building is now LEED and Energy Star  certified.

Next step is to enhance energy efficiency in, still empty, tenants’ workspace. Several companies such as Linkedin or Shutterstock signed leases for some office spaces in the building. They will have to organized a sustainable workspace to fit the building program. Once all the workspace are retrofitted, the building will save $4.4 million on electricity bills but will also save 105,000 metric tons of CO2 emission through the 15 years to come.

The Empire State Building set an blueprint for several building in the USA. Malkin, the managing society of the ESB, will reproduce the retrofit program in several of its buildings.

All over the country, buildings consume 40% of the energy. This model can allo buildings to save energy and reduce their bills. The Empire State Building is now more profitable as well as more efficient in terms of energy consumption. Moreover, EBS is even more efficient than some new buildings also certified LEED and Energy Star.

Author: Annie K

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