The Main Benefits of Exterior Solar Pathway Lighting

Greenshine Project Lumina_Buena Park - exterior solar pathway lightingPlaced along the sides of a driveway, walkway or a path, exterior solar pathway lighting provides light after dark, helps keep an area or a property safe and secure, and enables considerable energy savings.

Solar energy is used in many applications, and the continuous advancements in technology have made solar outdoor lights preferred over conventional grid-tied options. Read on to find out why.

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How to Evaluate Your Commercial Solar Lights for Parking Lots

Greenshine project - commercial solar lights parking lotsThere are numerous reasons why businesses decide to go green and install solar outdoor lighting for various applications. Many business or commercial property owners have invested in commercial solar lights parking lots to make sure that their business environment is well-lit and welcoming. Apart from ensuring safety, security and easier navigation, a brightly-lit lot enhances customer interaction and trust toward a business.

If you are among these green business owners or you are planning to become one, check out these important lighting characteristics. Read on for some tips on assessing commercial solar lights parking lots!

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