EU-China Solar Panel conflict near the end

Solar panelThe European Union and China will soon draw to a close after weeks of fierce discussion led by European Trade Commissioner Karel de Gucht. Negotiations first end up to the implementation of custom duty on Chinese solar panels. This time EU members and China used their common goal, raise prices, to find a compromise. For European Union, several companies close down due to the fierce competition from Chinese. On Beijing side, the competition between national companies led to the leader, Suntech, bankruptcy. Continue reading “EU-China Solar Panel conflict near the end”

140,000 LED street lights in Los Angeles

street lightsIn 2009, Los Angeles Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, launched the “Los Angeles Street Lighting Energy and Efficiency Program”. The objective is to switch from regular street lights to LEDs street lights on over 140,000 street lights of the city. It is the biggest project of light bulb replacement in the world. It will also allow the city to reduce its carbon dioxide pollution by 110,000 tons per year. As LEDs are less energy-demanding than other kind of lights, the city will be able to save money from its electricity bill. Usually, street lights represent between 10% and 38% of the city’s electricity bill which represent around $15 million per year.┬áMaintenance fees will also be lessen as┬áLED lights enjoy a longer lifespan than other kind of light bulbs. Continue reading “140,000 LED street lights in Los Angeles”