Solar Panel: European Union ÔÇô China Dispute

Solar light

On June 4th, European Union commissioner Karel de Gucht announced his decision on the Chinese solar panels Tax dispute. Regardless of Chinese Authorities mobilization to avoid those penalties, taxes will be institute on solar panel importation from China. For weeks, Beijing warned Brussels about the consequences of a vote in favor of the tax on Chinese solar panels to Europe.┬áEuropean Continue reading “Solar Panel: European Union ÔÇô China Dispute”

Solar Outdoor Lighting trends for your yard

Solar Outdoor Lighting

Solar Outdoor Lighting to light up summer night

Summer is hitting the country pretty soon and as every summer we love to hang out in our gardens to chill out with family and friends over a barbecue for example! To light up our nights outdoor, we do need to equip properly our green space with outdoor lighting.Why not Solar Outdoor Lighting?

Solar Garden Lighting: Trendy, Economical and Eco-friendly

Every summer, your electricity bills are going up, especially because of your air-conditioners turned on almost all day long. Continue reading “Solar Outdoor Lighting trends for your yard”