Why Should Your Business Go Green?

Benefits of Green Businesses - Solar Parking Lot LightingHave you recognized the advantages of your business going green? If you haven’t, we have put them together for your ease of reference. As you will see, benefits abound for those who decide to take the greener road to success. This is only reasonable bearing in mind that people in general, and Californians in particular, are becoming more sensitive to the issue of sustainability.

You probably know how you can make your business greener – PCW-marked products, paper recycling, hybrid cars and solar parking lot lighting are only some of the few ideas. If you are debating whether you should invest into some eco-friendly initiatives in your workplace, we hope this article will help you make the decision easier.

Cut costs

Naturally, every business likes to cut costs. One way of achieving this is to reduce the energy consumption. Cutting the monthly electricity and gas bills makes a contribution towards saving the planet. Simply by switching off lights and computers when they are not in use, can have impressive results. You can also save money with energy-rated appliances and LEDs, for example in solar parking lot lighting. If you have company cars, you could save a lot on gas expenses if you had hybrids.

If your business uses a lot of paper, transferring to digital media would zero out the budget for paper, ink and printers.

Tax credits

Another way of improving the business’s bottom line is by reaping the benefits of tax credits for businesses. Businesses have been encouraged for some time to implement environmentally-friendly practices that include green energy like solar, wind or geothermal. The investment tax credit (ITC) for businesses is programmed to step down the incentives gradually, so you may want to hurry with your green changes.

Government awards

There is a variety of programs for going green in the commercial sector in California. Actually, there are probably more programs than in any other state. The Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency is where you can get the most comprehensive list of programs and check whether you are eligible for any of them.

Market advantage

Emphasizing your green practices is highly likely to attract customers who feel the same towards saving the planet. Your marketing efforts should highlight what efforts your business is making to contribute to a sustainable future and you can also donate money to eco-friendly causes. This can hugely improve your visibility in the market and give you the competitive edge. Bear in mind that a remarkable percentage of consumers around the world are willing to pay more for a product that comes from an environmentally friendly company.

New partners

There is something called sustainable procurement and it means that government agencies prefer business partners and vendors who are green. Not only can you attract new customers with reducing your carbon footprint, but you can also get new business.

Emerging Trends in Solar

Commercial Solar Lighting - Street LightThis is an amazing time to be alive. The technology is progressing so quickly and diversifying that sometimes we can’t even keep up. A vital aspect of the ever changing world of technology is the focus on mobility. We are rejecting the tethers which bind us to single locations and embracing the portable and self-sufficient devices.

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Batteries and Parking Lot Lights

Battery for Solar Parking Lot LightsThe solar parking lot lights offered by the Greenshine are powered by the Sun, but without a way to store that precious energy, the solar power would be useless during the night. That is why batteries are such an integral part of our business, as well as many other businesses worldwide that rely on battery power. Still, we usually take them for granted. ‘Batteries not included’ said packages of our toys. No big deal, we just went out and bought some. It’d never occurred to us where they came from.

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Why LED Lights Are Simply Better

Solar Parking Lot LightsThere have been great strides in the development of the LED technology over the years. They have become more durable, cheaper to produce and much more versatile. Conversely, the older types of lighting, namely the incandescent lights have pretty much reached their zenith years ago and could not be perfected any further.

So, what happens when you combine the fledgling technology of solar lighting with the efficiency of the LED type of lighting? You get amazing results and revolutionary results in both conservation of energy and cutting the costs of maintenance. Take the example of solar LED parking lot lights that are cropping up all through the USA. The solar collectors store energy in the batteries which is then used to power the LEDs during the night. All without being attached to the central electricity grid. This is possible due to the clear advantages of the LEDs over the other types of lighting.

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Pathway Lighting & More: Brilliant Ideas for Beautiful and Functional Solar Lighting

Pathway LightingSolar lighting is the new trend in this ever-changing world. There are so many benefits to having solar lighting and so few drawbacks that it makes you think ‘Why haven’t we done this years ago?’

To be honest, the technology is improving drastically every year. It may not have been possible to do large-scale project before as we can do now. However, we are at the point when it is not only possible, but financially and ecologically viable to do. Below are just some of the examples of solar lighting.

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Parking Lot Solar Lights Are the Best Choice and Here’s Why


Parking Lot Solar LightsSolar energy is pretty cool. The Sun sends a vast amount of energy daily, and we’re wasting it. It is only relatively lately that we have decided to harvest this inexhaustible source of energy, through solar panels.

These neat little devices have a multitude of uses, from miniature home power plants to heating devices to more industrial uses, such as solar water pumping and solar street lighting. It is the last use that will be further discussed here.

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Make Your Business Greener

Green BusinessGoing green could be your company New Year’s resolution this January and it would be a smart one. Green businesses stand out in the market, especially in California, which is well-known for supporting ecological initiatives statewide. You could make more profit not just by attracting customers who appreciate your green efforts, but by saving money with green products and strategies. Continue reading “Make Your Business Greener”

Before You Install Pathway Lighting

Pathway LIghting - Greenshine New EnergyThere are numerous ways in which pathway lights can be used. Their use ranges from illuminating small house walkways to large walkways found around university campuses, parks, hospitals and business areas. Appropriate lighting enables people to see where they are going and makes the surroundings visible. On top of that, they can be visually appealing and shape the impression walkers have of the area. To make sure pathway lighting is adequate, here the steps to go through before the installation. Continue reading “Before You Install Pathway Lighting”

Installing Solar Parking Lights – Making Preparations

preinst steps 2Installing solar parking lights is much easier than you think. Here you’ll find an outline of the whole process of preparation for it.

How big is the area that needs lighting?
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Solar Lighting Brings Benefits to Building Owners and Managers

solar led 1A number of building owners and property managers are still unsure about lighting their property through solar energy. Even though outdoor solar lighting is much more economical in the long run, the upfront costs of installation are what makes the owners hesitant about making the investment and waiting for the return. This is especially the case when it comes to outdoor lighting. Continue reading “Solar Lighting Brings Benefits to Building Owners and Managers”