Is using solar energy affecting your business?

How-solar-affects-business-_Solar-outdoor-lightingIf you are a starting business owner, there is a lot to consider. Decisions like the location of your business, the right place to advertise, as well as the amount of marketing you should use can really put a strain on a novice. So, you may not put quite as much thought into details which might help you reduce the cost of doing business greatly in the future. Consider just the lights. If you haven’t given it much thought, you will probably just buy regular lamps, connect them to the power grid and not think much about it.

However, if you give some time and thought to this topic, you may find a lot of options you never considered. Take solar outdoor lights as an example. How would it affect your business if you installed self-sustainable solar outdoor lighting fixtures? This is a glimpse into a possible scenario.

What is it?

Solar outdoor lighting fixture consists of a solar panel on the top of the light post, connected to a battery pack inside the post itself, and LED lights to illuminate your parking lot, street, or anything else you might want to illuminate. It is completely self-sustainable and doesn’t need to be attached to the power grid.

Installation cost

First of all, the light fixtures do not need to be connected to the power grid, which will save you both time and money trying to run all the necessary cables where they need to go. These solar outdoor lighting fixtures are easy to mount, and require no further setup. They are also independent of each other, so you can put as many or as few as you want.

Positive influence on the customers

Many people today are aware of the adverse effect we have on the planet. The terrible droughts and scorching heat we are exposed to are a clear sign to people that we need to turn to alternative sources of energy. One of the most promising is solar. People are always impressed when they see someone who has made the transition to this source. Your lights will sport a crown of solar panels, signaling to the customers that you are environmentally aware, and those who identify with this cause are more likely to become your customers.

Positive influence on your finances

The area where you are sure to feel the biggest impact are your finances. After the initial installation, your only expense will be replacing the LEDs once they break (which happens very rarely thanks to the advances in LED technologies), and occasional maintenance. Your electricity bill will not be burdened by the lights outside your place of business. Additionally, with the use of solar energy comes a kind of prestige, and a reputation which is sure to bring you additional revenue.

Possible negative impact

Solar energy is hailed as the best alternative source of energy, and it is fairly hard to find a flaw in using it. However, there are people who do not believe that climate change is real, or if they do, they refuse that humans have anything to do with it. These people might take offense that you are siding with the overwhelming majority of scholars and general public. Interestingly enough, some environmentalists also dislike the use of battery-powered solar devices, since batteries can bring harm to the environment if they leak. But with proper management, you are safe from this unlikely situation.

There is an abundance of good reasons to install solar outdoor lighting, but the most important should be your willingness to be the part of the solution. Greenshine New Energy is a company which provides various solar-powered products, including solar outdoor lighting for parking lots, streets, parks or a variety of other uses. Feel free to contact us today to learn more.

LED 101

LED-Light -Solar-LED-parking-lot-lightsWe often hear or use the term ‘LED’. But do we really know what those are? And to what extent they are used today? This text offers a bit of context on these marvelous light fixtures, useful for anything from signaling that you phone is done charging, to solar led parking lot lights, aircraft lights and more.

The name

LED is an acronym which stands for Light Emitting Diode. It works on the principle of electroluminescence, meaning that it emits light when electricity is applied. When the current is flowing, the electrons move, and the protons are released. The color of the light emitted depends on the band gap of the material the semiconductor in the LED is made of.

Earliest history

LEDs haven’t been with us for long, but they have existed more than most of us assume. They first came into use in the 60s. However, you wouldn’t have been able to see the light emitted by the first LEDs, since it was infra-red, below the spectrum of light visible by humans. However, this part of the spectrum was useful for the first remote controllers (and is still used for this purpose). The first visible light LEDs came into existence soon after. However, these diodes were always very dim and limited to the lower end of the visible spectrum, i.e. red and orange.


As a promising field of technology, LED market saw many improvements over the fifty -year long existence. One such achievement was the creation of the blue LED in the early 70s. However, these lights were again pretty dim, and only in the 90s did that change, when a bright blue diode was introduced. This moved the LEDs from the red part of the spectrum and the limited usefulness as indicator lights and the like. However, the real breakthrough came when the white light was first attained by a LED.

White LEDs

The white light of the first LEDs came through trickery, rather than through superior technology. The bright blue LED was simply coated in a substance which absorbs some of the blue light and produces yellow light via fluorescence. This yellow light mixes with the remaining blue light to produce a white. However, red and green illuminated by this light source was pretty difficult to discern, so it wasn’t very useful. However, different coatings were able to produce red and green lights in addition to the blue diode light. This mixture gave a more natural white. With some refinement these lights started replacing incandescent lights all over the world.

Current technologies

This field of technology never sleeps and is constantly refining the final product, whether by adding power or finding new uses for them. One such innovative technology is OLED, or Organic LED. OLED devices do not necessarily have the shape of a typical LED. The electro-conductive material is made from an organic compound. This technology is great for displays, because it doesn’t need much energy (compared to a regular LED), and because it can display high contrasts.

Greenshine New Energy is a company which has focused on a different aspect of the LED technology. Combining the high-power white LED lights with the state-of-the-art solar technology, we have managed to offer a sustainable and affordable alternative to electrical grid lighting. The prime example of our success is the solar LED parking lot lights project which requires just a small initial investment and offers free energy for lighting parking lots. Contact us today to learn more about the products and services offered.

How solar option got more available to everyone

Commercial Solar LightsLong gone are the days when your only lighting option was the electrical grid and the incandescent light bulbs. The advances in both light and energy technology have made it much easier to pick and choose the options which suit you best.

One thing which California has in abundance is sun. So it is only natural that we would attempt to use as much of this energy as possible. That is why Greenshine New Energy is focused on delivering a comprehensive and simple solar option to the public. Commercial solar lights are a trend, and they have been for a while now. When you weigh the benefits, it is easy to understand why. LED lights used in the commercial solar lights offered by Greenshine New Energy are extremely durable and energy efficient. Combined with their own individual sources of solar energy, they make a hard-to-beat combination of efficiency and cost cutting.

So, how did it all start?

Solar energy is a much older concept than you might think. I’m not talking about the use of the sun’s power to grow crops or anything similar. I am talking about the first solar powered machine. It was a kind of a steam engine. It used solar energy to heat and boil water inside a sealed glass container. Once the water boiled, the steam it produced could be used for mechanical work. It was made in France in the 19th century. The inventor even won the prize at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1878, for making ice by using solar power. Sadly, the prices of coal dropped at that time, and the interest in solar power died out.

The Revival

The idea of solar power waited for a century to re-emerge and be considered a viable source of energy. It was the energy crisis of 1970s that caused people to consider alternative sources of energy more carefully. Before that there were very few homes which used the technology. This energy crisis shifted the public opinion. Still, in its infancy, solar power (more specifically photovoltaic systems) was expensive. The interest was high until the oil prices dropped in the early 1980s.

Ecological issues

In the 1990s and onwards, the concern about the climate change and the pollution caused by conventional energy sources (mostly fossil fuels) have brought the alternative energy sources back to the foreground of technological progress. Further advances in technology meant that photovoltaics had better functionality than other energy sources. This made them a solid investment option. What’s more, some governments instituted feed-in tariffs, which favored the solar energy users and gave them priority on the electrical grid.

Current status

Since 2010, Europe has spearheaded the solar movement, with Germany at its helm. Since then, other countries and regions have contributed significantly, including the USA, China, Japan, Mexico, Israel and Chile. Overall, the countries with large-scale solar plants have contributed with 1% of all energy production of the world in 2015. That might sound insignificant, but just as far back as 2005 it was 0.01% of total energy production. A hundredfold increase in just 10 years sounds encouraging. The re-awakening to the awesome power of the sun can no longer be halted.

If you are looking to contribute to this trend, to help both yourself and our struggling planet, consider installing commercial solar lights at your workplace or at home. The technologies of today make it a sound investment. Greenshine New Energy specializes in commercial solar lights, whether it is for parking lots, streets or any other uses you might need. Contact Greenshine to find out more about the wide variety of products on offer.

Who can benefit from installing solar lights?

Solar Outdoor Lighting Industrial Solar LightingThe best thing about solar energy is that it can help everyone. It is free for everyone, so after the initial cost of installing the infrastructure, there are very few costs down the line, in terms of maintenance and replacement. However, the monthly cost of this electricity is zero. All the power comes from the greatest source of energy available to us – the sun.

Lighting your home

The residential areas spend about 20% of the overall electricity on lighting. This is a staggering number. Installing a solar infrastructure in the house might seem unnecessary in the short run, but once you factor in the years and years of electricity you’d be saving, it amounts to a lot. A single investment may bring about a drastically lower electricity bill for years. There are various government programs to help people transition from one power source to the other. This idea of solar power in the house is becoming more and more accepted as the technology improves the specs and decreases the prices.

Lighting your parking lot

Parking lots are necessary, with all those cars around. Pretty much everyone drives pretty much everywhere. Any respectable business will have a parking lot of their own. However, parking lots are not profitable. They end up costing your business a lot. You can curb that trend by installing solar parking lights. It’s simple. Every light post has its own photovoltaic panel on the top and a battery inside. The panel charges the battery during the day, and the battery powers the LEDs during the night. These lights are not attached to the power grid and will cost no extra money for electricity they use.

Industrial solar lighting

Commercial objects need to be lit as well. Large scale lights are needed to illuminate big facilities of factories or warehouses. In the end, this draws a significant amount of money when the electricity bill arrives at the end of the month. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Industrial solar lights offer the same performances as conventional lights, with the added benefit of cutting the electricity cost permanently. Industrial complexes tend to work for many years and decades. This is the ideal place to invest in some industrial solar lighting. Powerful LED lights ensure that the visibility is not compromised, while the batteries included in these solar systems ensure that all solar energy is captured and stored to use when the sun goes down.

Security lights

Industrial complexes need to be protected when they are not working. To this end, many have security guards and perimeter lights. This is a sound investment; however, it does mean that you keep the lights on even when the factory is not productive. That ramps up the electrical bill. Solar power can again offer a cheaper alternative. Similarly to the previous entries, powerful LED lights are durable, offer great visibility and cost nothing in terms of electricity from the grid, once they have been installed.

Signs lighting

Another important aspect of industrial solar lighting is the illumination of the sign of the company. Advertising is king, as the saying goes. In order to boost recognition, most companies put up large signs of their logos or company names. During the night, however, these signs are nigh on invisible, unless illuminated somehow. Solar power can reduce the cost of brand recognition by illuminating your logo with the power of the sun itself.

There are plenty other solar lighting applications, both industrial and commercial. If you want to learn more, or you are interested in installing solar lighting systems at your own home or office, contact Greenshine today.

Why Should Your Business Go Green?

Benefits of Green Businesses - Solar Parking Lot LightingHave you recognized the advantages of your business going green? If you haven’t, we have put them together for your ease of reference. As you will see, benefits abound for those who decide to take the greener road to success. This is only reasonable bearing in mind that people in general, and Californians in particular, are becoming more sensitive to the issue of sustainability.

You probably know how you can make your business greener – PCW-marked products, paper recycling, hybrid cars and solar parking lot lighting are only some of the few ideas. If you are debating whether you should invest into some eco-friendly initiatives in your workplace, we hope this article will help you make the decision easier.

Cut costs

Naturally, every business likes to cut costs. One way of achieving this is to reduce the energy consumption. Cutting the monthly electricity and gas bills makes a contribution towards saving the planet. Simply by switching off lights and computers when they are not in use, can have impressive results. You can also save money with energy-rated appliances and LEDs, for example in solar parking lot lighting. If you have company cars, you could save a lot on gas expenses if you had hybrids.

If your business uses a lot of paper, transferring to digital media would zero out the budget for paper, ink and printers.

Tax credits

Another way of improving the business’s bottom line is by reaping the benefits of tax credits for businesses. Businesses have been encouraged for some time to implement environmentally-friendly practices that include green energy like solar, wind or geothermal. The investment tax credit (ITC) for businesses is programmed to step down the incentives gradually, so you may want to hurry with your green changes.

Government awards

There is a variety of programs for going green in the commercial sector in California. Actually, there are probably more programs than in any other state. The Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency is where you can get the most comprehensive list of programs and check whether you are eligible for any of them.

Market advantage

Emphasizing your green practices is highly likely to attract customers who feel the same towards saving the planet. Your marketing efforts should highlight what efforts your business is making to contribute to a sustainable future and you can also donate money to eco-friendly causes. This can hugely improve your visibility in the market and give you the competitive edge. Bear in mind that a remarkable percentage of consumers around the world are willing to pay more for a product that comes from an environmentally friendly company.

New partners

There is something called sustainable procurement and it means that government agencies prefer business partners and vendors who are green. Not only can you attract new customers with reducing your carbon footprint, but you can also get new business.

Emerging Trends in Solar

Commercial Solar Lighting - Street LightThis is an amazing time to be alive. The technology is progressing so quickly and diversifying that sometimes we can’t even keep up. A vital aspect of the ever changing world of technology is the focus on mobility. We are rejecting the tethers which bind us to single locations and embracing the portable and self-sufficient devices.

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Batteries and Parking Lot Lights

Battery for Solar Parking Lot LightsThe solar parking lot lights offered by the Greenshine are powered by the Sun, but without a way to store that precious energy, the solar power would be useless during the night. That is why batteries are such an integral part of our business, as well as many other businesses worldwide that rely on battery power. Still, we usually take them for granted. ‘Batteries not included’ said packages of our toys. No big deal, we just went out and bought some. It’d never occurred to us where they came from.

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Why LED Lights Are Simply Better

Solar Parking Lot LightsThere have been great strides in the development of the LED technology over the years. They have become more durable, cheaper to produce and much more versatile. Conversely, the older types of lighting, namely the incandescent lights have pretty much reached their zenith years ago and could not be perfected any further.

So, what happens when you combine the fledgling technology of solar lighting with the efficiency of the LED type of lighting? You get amazing results and revolutionary results in both conservation of energy and cutting the costs of maintenance. Take the example of solar LED parking lot lights that are cropping up all through the USA. The solar collectors store energy in the batteries which is then used to power the LEDs during the night. All without being attached to the central electricity grid. This is possible due to the clear advantages of the LEDs over the other types of lighting.

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Pathway Lighting & More: Brilliant Ideas for Beautiful and Functional Solar Lighting

Pathway LightingSolar lighting is the new trend in this ever-changing world. There are so many benefits to having solar lighting and so few drawbacks that it makes you think ‘Why haven’t we done this years ago?’

To be honest, the technology is improving drastically every year. It may not have been possible to do large-scale project before as we can do now. However, we are at the point when it is not only possible, but financially and ecologically viable to do. Below are just some of the examples of solar lighting.

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Parking Lot Solar Lights Are the Best Choice and Here’s Why


Parking Lot Solar LightsSolar energy is pretty cool. The Sun sends a vast amount of energy daily, and we’re wasting it. It is only relatively lately that we have decided to harvest this inexhaustible source of energy, through solar panels.

These neat little devices have a multitude of uses, from miniature home power plants to heating devices to more industrial uses, such as solar water pumping and solar street lighting. It is the last use that will be further discussed here.

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